Get ready to regain your productivity flow energy with the Better Minds Masterclass.

A 6-part Masterclass with interactive exercises by neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts.

Postponing? Lack of focus?

When was the last time you experienced a deep state of focus and flow? How many times did you check your phone today? And most importantly: how does this affect your productivity?

It’s no secret that due to the abundance of information, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to take advantage of the full potential of your brain. And this comes at a (financial) cost.

The Better Minds Masterclass is here to help

The Better Minds Masterclass a 6-part Masterclass with interactive exercises by neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts.

Six high-end video episodes

Get access to 60 minutes of video classes in which Elke Geraerts covers a variety of topics.

Access to the Better Minds Community

Keeping yourself accountable isn't always that easy. That's why each episode contains a community area in which you can share your experiences and learn from others.

Interactive exercises

Complete simple exercises that challenge you to behave differently, step by step. Keep track of your progress and revisit your answers at any time.

Grow at your own pace

Buy once and get lifetime access to the Masterclass. Grow anywhere & at any time of the day on any device with an internet connection.

Online learning on the Better Minds Platform

Watch video courses with subtitles, fill out exercises online and access your content on any device, anywhere in the world.

Meet your instructor: Elke Geraerts

Dr. Elke Geraerts has a PhD in psychology and is the author of the bestseller Mentaal KapitaalThis book, which is now in its thirteenth edition, was translated into English under the title Better Minds. Elke is founder of Better Minds at Work, and has worked with some of the world’s largest companies & held various positions at the universities of HarvardSt. Andrews and Rotterdam.

Are you ready to regain your productivity?

What have you done today to keep your brain fit? In times of information overload and continuous connectivity, we have to be more resilient than ever. And while we do invest in keeping our body healthy, we often forget our most valuable and unique asset: our brainIn this episode, Elke explains why it is so important to take good care of your brain. So that you can learn how to influence your brain yourself.

In this episode we will dive deep into the basics of mental strength. If you want to become better at controlling your brain, you will first have to get insights about your own self-control. In this episode, Elke explains how to do this using easy tricks that you can use right away.

In this session we will uncover hidden secrets in our brain. Things you haven’t thought about before, but that have a major impact on the way you feel, think and behave.  Actually, if you apply the insights of this session, you’ll hopefully find yourself experiencing life differently. You will be able to detect your negativeirrational or stressful thoughts and turn them upside down! 

Focus! It’s sometimes quite difficult to do just one thing at the time, isn’t it? In this episode you will get inspiration to find your focus again. You will understand why we, as human beings, are addicted to multitasking and have difficulties to focus. You will get tips and tricks how to achieve focus, as it will not only makes you more peaceful but also increases your productivity. 

“Is it already that late?”, You say amazed. Chances are that you have just experienced a moment of flow: the feeling that you are completely absorbed in an activity while forgetting everything around you. According to a study, people who experience flow are happier and healthier. Though there is work to be done, our desire for continuous stimuli makes flow difficult to reach. Fortunately, you can learn to train your flow. Find out how during this session!

In this last session, get inspired to get close to your intrinsic motivation. The emotional sauce of resilience. Resilience also implies actively searching for what gives meaning in your life, what intrinsically motivates you. That what makes your heart beats faster, makes your eyes twinkle. 

You need guts.
Guts to act differently tomorrow.

One-time payment, lifetime access

Pay once and get 6 video episodes, an exclusive Better Minds workbook, 20+ actionable exercises and access to the Better Minds community.

€ 49

Per Masterclass

This Masterclass changed my perspective on the abilities of my brain. I've implemented some techniques and feel more energized and productive. A must-see!
Arne van Batenburg
I liked how Elke links the episodes together by incorporating concepts from previous episodes. The slow pace and real-life examples are very useful. Very interesting!
Werner De Vree
I like that they were short and well structured - the introduction made me reflect a bit at first and then the whole explanation was very easy to follow. Recommended!
Dominika Duda

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