The Mental Reset


In her groundbreaking new book, Elke Geraerts gives you the tools you need to prepare for the many challenges that life and work have in store for us post-covid. In this book, she gives your brain a central role and teaches how to make brain-aware choices. She shows how hybrid work can lead to more productivity and more peace, how you can chase your dreams and how you can achieve real focus in a never-ending digital world. It will never be like before… and maybe fortunately so!

"Elke Geraerts on how to be stronger than ever after a crisis"

As a doctor of psychology Elke held academic positions at the universities of Harvard, St. Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam. She wanted to spread her scientific knowledge broadly and therefore founded Better Minds at Work in 2014. Each aspires to a ‘mental revolution’, in which the entire team of Better Minds at Work spreads indispensable knowledge about mental resilience across all sectors, functions, generations and cultures. Although Elke is best known as a keynote speaker and author (of, among others, Mental Capital and Authentic Intelligence), she is first and foremost a conversation partner for each client and knows how to translate psychological insights into fresh and accessible day-to-day applications for individuals and organizations.

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